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Channel 2

Comcast Public Access Studios in Manassas -Channel 2 reaches Prince William County, Virginia.  Serving  Prince William area for over 25 years.

Our team is incredibly passionate about providing the members of the community and  non-profit organizations a way to get their messages out through television programming. 


how to get involved

Television Production 

The Manassas Studio provides video production services for residents of the Prince William Country area. The main purpose of the studio is to create programming to be cablecast through Comcast Channel 2. The services are provided free of charge to non-profit and community organizations. We are here to guide you through all phases of the production process. So, if you have an idea or want to host a show let us know as well.


Community bulletin Board 

These are like "PowerPoint" slides that appear on the channel when there is no video programming. These graphics are great for announcing upcoming events or just an ongoing advertisement about your church or non-profit group. We suggest around 6-7 lines of information, 30 characters per line. Pictures, graphics or logos can also be included if you attach a .JPG file to your request. Please allow at least one week to place your ad on Channel 2. We are here to help you inform the community about the great things your organization is doing.






4391 Dale Blvd.

Woodbridge, VA 22193


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