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Video on demand

Channel 10

Not long ago, “watching TV” meant sitting in front of the screen in your living room, waiting for a favorite program to come on at a set time. Today, how we view TV is changing with the help of Video on Demand (VOD). VOD is an interactive feature that allows you to select and watch video content when you choose, putting you in control. Now you can watch your favorite Comcast Public Access Channel 10 shows whenever and wherever you want!

A Moment of Truth

Walters Memorial AME Zion Church

Moment of Truth.jpg

Ansonia Board of Aldermen

Untitled design.png

Assumption Church Catholic Mass

Assumption Church Ansonia.jpg

Christ Church of Bethany and Woodbridge

Christ Church Bethany Woodbridge_edited.



Floatin' Fred Conducts the Music in His Head

Floatin Fred.png

Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes VOD Pic.jpg

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight.jpg

Seymour Congregational Church

Worship with Seymour Congregational.jpg

Sunday Worship
Immanuel Lutheran Church

Immanuel Lutheran Church Oxford.png

Trinity Church Worship Services

Sun Morn Worship Svc Trinity Episcopal.j

Weekly Worship with
Beacon Falls Congregational Church

Worship with Beacon Falls Congregational

First United Methodist Church Ansonia

First United Methodist Ansonia.jpg

Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce Presents

Greater Valley Chamber Logo.jpg

In Case You Missed This

In Case You Missed This (2).jpg

Naugatuck United Methodist Church Worship

Naug United Meth Church Worship.jpg


Specials 3.jpg

Town of Seymour
Board of Selectmen Meetings

Seymour BOS.jpg

Weekly Worship
Grace Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church.jpg

Worship of Our Living God

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Worship of Our Living God St. Pauls.jpg

Worship Service
Apostolic Refuge Tabernacle

Apostolic Refuge Tabernacle.png

Other Community Media Studios' Productions

Nuvance Health Check


Perks Works

Perks Works.jpg

The Struggle

The Struggle.png
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