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We are now using a professional live streaming service, StreamYard which allows you to conduct your show virtually and stream it LIVE to our Facebook page with little to no technical know-how!
(You can also opt to record your program if you don’t want to go live) All shows will still broadcast on our channel in their respective time slots as scheduled by the Producer of the show.


Here's a video of what to expect:


















QuickStart Guide
It's easy to get started….

  • Contact your town’s Community Media Studio via Email to discuss ideas and details such as format, air time and length for your potential show

  • Watch the above video prior to the scheduled date for your show

  • Producers – make sure your participants have either a working computer with webcam and microphone or cell phone/iPad (tablet).


If you are in need of more information about StreamYard, you can find answers to the most common questions asked here:


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