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Empowering Communities 
Non-Commercial Television

Connecticut | New York | New Jersey | Maryland | Virginia

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Discover Community Media Studios

Community Media Studios are local Public Access television studios and channels managed by Comcast.

We provide an opportunity for local residents to express their opinions, views and ideas through non-commercial television.​

Programming for the channels is created by members of the community with support from our staff. 

Content consists of local events, entertainment, arts & culture, religion, education and much more.

Studio Locator

Our Studios

Community Media Studios operates 4 Public Access Studios in CT which provide area residents, non-profits, and governmental organizations with access to equipment and training to make and broadcast their own non-commercial programs.​

Our virtual studios in Carmel, NY and Prince William County, VA provide residents, non-profits and governmental organizations the opportunity to produce content remotely with assistance from our staff.

We invite you to express your opinions, views, and ideas by getting involved with Community Media Studios.

Choose you local studio or enter your zip code to find the studio that serves your area.

Please enter your zip code below to get started today!

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