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Channel 23

Community Media Studio in Danbury

Channel 23 serves the towns of Danbury, Bethel and Ridgefield Conneticut. Our stations are unique, in that, all programming is created by members of the community. Programming consists of local events, entertainment, arts & culture, religion, education and much more. All programming is provided by Access Users and produced with the support and equipment provided by Comcast in Connecticut, New York, Maryland and Virginia. Here, you will find information, downloadable forms, contact information, photos and more from each of our seven studios.
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Meet the Danbury Team


John Doe


Jane Doe

Contact Danbury Studio

Monday - Friday: By Appointment Only

Saturday & Sunday - Closed

(475) 237-4004, (475) 237-4020

5 Shelter Rock Road, Danbury CT 06810

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