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Channel 14

Community Media Studio in Norwich

Channel 14 reaches the towns of Norwich, Bozrah, Colchester, Franklin, Lisbon, Preston and Sprague Connecticut.

Meet the

Norwich Team

Candi Edited Photo#4_edited_edited.jpg

Ellen Poitras

Studio Production Specialist, DMS Public Access Operations

Candi Edited Photo#4_edited_edited.jpg

Jessica Thompson

Studio Production Specialist, DMS Public Access Operations

The Norwich facility offers an impressive studio setup. With over 1500 square feet of production space split into two pre-lit sides, including a green screen, a separate control room, and editing suites, giving you plenty of room to meet your production needs. Studio equipment, including the Tricaster 410 Plus Switcher, Talkshow professional video calling system, Yamaha TF3 Digital Audio Console, ETC 2406 lighting board and Panasonic AW-HE40SKP PTZ Cameras, provides you with the tools needed to produce professional broadcasts. Our Mac Studio complete with Adobe Creative Suite adds another layer of versatility to your production capabilities, providing access to a wide range of powerful software tools for video editing, graphic design, animation, and more. Studio design elements include modern set pieces, up-lights, and an on-screen monitor to personalize each show with its own brand. If you prefer to produce your show outside of the studio, we also have a complete portable equipment package which includes everything you need for your production.

Norwich Studio

Monday - Thursday 

9:30AM - 4:30PM

Friday - by appointment

Additional hours also available by appointment

Hours subject to change

Studio: (860) 887-3446
Mobile: (959) 951-4362

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