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Danbury Studio

Our stations are unique, in that, all programming is created by members of the community. Programming consists of local events, entertainment, arts & culture, religion, education and much more. All programming is provided by Access Users and produced with the support and equipment provided by Comcast in Connecticut, New York, Maryland and Virginia.

Here, you will find information, downloadable forms, contact information, photos and more from each of our seven studios.

Comcast Public Access Operating

Policies for CT Studios

An Access User is a resident of the town/franchise area or a representative or employee of a non-profit or governmental organization that serves this town/franchise area, who utilizes PEG Access.

1. Complete an Access Users Agreement. This document certifies that the Access User has read, understands, and will abide by the operating rules. Proof of residency is required.

2. Complete Required Training. Access Users must successfully complete the applicable Comcast workshop(s).

Become an Access User

An Access Producer is an Access User that is responsible for all facets of PEG Access usage, related to their show. The Access Producer is Comcast’s main contact and assumes all responsibility for program content and other liability outlined in the Comcast PEG Access Operating Procedures, the Access Agreement and Channel Time Request Form.

1. Complete the Access Users Agreement including the Channel Time Request section.

Become an Access Producer

Programs produced outside Comcast’s franchise area may be submitted for channel time if they meet either of the following requirements:

1. A resident of this town/franchise area completes the Access Users Agreement, including the Channel Time Request section. Proof of residency is required.

Any non-profit organization or local, state, or federal agency that serves this town/franchise area can submit programs related to their organization with only one representative of the organization as the sponsor.

Sponsor a Program

Programming can be submitted digitally to Community Media Studios - Channel 23 Danbury.

1. Please fill out the Digital Content Delivery form to submit programming.

Submit a Program

A Public Service Announcement, or PSA for short, is a video that provides a message that might be a mission, an awareness, or a specific upcoming event.

Get your organization’s name out there by creating or sending us a PSA.

For information about creating a PSA, Email Us.

To upload a PSA, please fill out the PSA Submission Form.

Submit a Non-Profit PSA

The Community Bulletin Board is a digital messaging system provided by Comcast. 

It is available to non-profit organizations and local, state, or federal agencies providing public service announcements or event information.

Messages should be submitted using the CBB Request form.

Submit a Message to the Community Bulletin Board

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